The Aristocats

aristocats The first film I looked at when I was a little girl and which has been, in my opinion, the best until now is “The Aristocats”.

“The Aristocats” has stolen the heart of many people of all ages. It is very cherished especially by children because of the small protagonists, which are some little cats: Duchess, Marie, Toulouse, Berlioz and the alley cat Thomas O’Maley.

This film is a love story between Duchess and Thomas O’Maley. The two, along with Marie, Toulouse and Berlioz, inherit in the end all the fortune of their mistress, a rich woman from Paris.

The first thing which comes in your mind and heart after having seen this film thousand times is to see it again for the thousand and one time. Have you ever listened “Everybody wants to be a cat”? If you have had this experience, days and days you will hop in the house and in the street humming this song.

“The Aristocats” has had a great success since its releasing on the 11th of December 1970.

Come on, my dears, I’m not feeling like writing any more. Come on! Let’s look at “The Aristocats”.

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