Wuthering Heights

Wuthering_Heights “Wuthering Heights” is an interesting book that presents strong characters whom life we can learn something. Due especially to the epoch when the events took place, the main characters, Heathcliff and Catherine, had a very different life from ours.

At that time, the ideal of a woman, or at least Catherine’s ideal was to become a lady worthy of respect, the most desirable from the whole county and, the wife of a gentleman with a good name of course. The name of Linton was a sort of brand, so the perspective of becoming Mrs. Linton was very tempting. This way Catherine buries her love for Heathcliff and becomes Edgar Linton’s wife.

This is the moment when Heathcliff unchains his fury and decides to live the county. After three years he comes back with thoughts of revenge. The novel presents an impossible love, which finds its happy end only in the next generation.
Even if the book is full of subtleties and profound messages, it has its disadvantages from the perspective of a teenager. Even before opening it we notice the thickness… I pass over this with great difficulty, it is no escape, I have to read it. The first chapter seemed so boring… a gentleman who pays a visit… I didn’t see the meaning; looking again at the number of pages I sighed: “Oh, is it really worth?!?” I gave myself the answer later. Yes, it is worth because you enter in an original world with mentalities different from ours, but one realizes this only in the end.

Although considered a love story, it is a tough novel, and the sensitive persons might dislike it. I understood this only when I had finished the book – it was however a love story. To be honest, I do not understand yet why Heathcliff had so much hate in his heart and why he had to torment Catherine’s daughter. I would like to know your opinions also, because for a general view one needs several perspectives. In my opinion, “Wuthering Heights” is a suitable book for those above 14 years old.

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